How to find the best electric smoker?

Electric smokers are a must for any barbeque lover and they just make the meat so much more faster and tastier. Cooking the meat on fire and on other heat sources causes quite a bit of taste to be lost during the process. What electric smokers do is use the heat generated from burning the puck/bisquette to smoke the meat.

This does not cause the meat to be tasteless nor does it release any harmful substances into the atmosphere which promote global warming. These are powered by electricity and cook the meat much better and faster than any other possible source of smoking out there.

best electric smoker

So if you are looking for the best electric smoker out there, you will find this article very useful. We will go over all the functions and parts of an electric smoker, including the pros and cons.

First off,

Time- Electric smokers can go upto a controlled 320 Deg F and have the temperature maintained at that. The meat depending upon the amount may take anywhere from 6-8 hours and the smokers are compatible for this.

Pucks- Pucks, also known as bisquettes are wooden and circular things which act as burning material for the smokers. They come in all kinds of flavours which leaves the certain taste on the meat and they are to be bought separately. These pucks are automatically inserted into the electric smoker and generate smoke. They last anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes and once they are done, they are removed using a special feature on these smokers. The should have a good number of pucks and sustainability to the temperature.

Racks- The racks in an electric smokers are essentially the place place where the meat is kept and these come in all different sizes and shapes depending on the smoker quality, I personally suggest the bradley smokers. The bradley smokers have removable racks and are easy to clean. Also, looking from a personal perspective, big size of meat can also be adjusted into the smoker buy removing the racks.

Appearance- The appearance or looks of an electric smoker do not matter that much but they do. So a stainless steel finish is much better than any other and that is just what the bradley smokers are made of. These have a high quality finish on the outside and a high performing high quality system inside them which makes cooking both food and meat so much more easier.

Last but not least, we discuss the price, while looking at an electric smoker, price is the last thing one should consider as the no. of racks, pucks and temperature control should be looked at first. But if you are on a limited budget, I would suggest you to buy the bradley smokers which are very compatible, digital, user friendly and most of all in your budget. These come in 3 versions the bradley smoker original which is not so digital, followed by a 4 rack version which as you may have guessed has 4 racks and finally the 6 rack version which is perfect for parties and has 6 racks.