Nerf N-Strike Maverick – The classic Nerf Gun

A recent comment on my top 5 recommendations for Nerf gun asked why I didn’t recommend a Maverick.

Well for those of you don’t know about the Nerf Maverick, it is perhaps the best selling Nerf gun of all time. And I was introduced to Nerf gun madness by Steve with this gun only. I have found memories with this gun and actually this is also the first gun I bought.

So with so many fond memories, the question arises why I didn’t recommend this. Well it is not the best anymore. The strongarm is an improved version of this with a better barrel, a better range and better darts. If have to compare the Strongarm with the maverick the former will win any day. But if you are one of those who likes to buy vintage stuff, you should get this one.

My first day with the Maverick

I would like to share with you all an interesting story. I ordered this from Amazon UK, and it took around 15 days to ship. Now I have received many things from my parents, I practically own the latest version of iPad, iPod, iMac, Macbook and iPhone. But none of them even come close to the anticipation I had after I ordered this. Perhaps money isn’t everything right?

It came packaged in a beautiful plastic box with all the instructions. I admired the box for an hour. Then I finally decided to open it. When I picked up the gun in my hand, it was a tremendous feeling. I am pretty sure this is exactly what a soldier feels when he gets his first gun. And then I played, for hours.

I watched so many videos, showed this to my friends, and everyone loved it, even my parents.

So yes, I felt like sharing this with you, and giving you an insight on I started playing with Nerf guns.

How to have a Nerf battle with your friends?

So I have received few E-mails from readers about how they can have a Nerf battle in their locality. There are lot of things you can do and Nerf battles vary from places to places, but I will share some basics with you today.


First up, you need to divide yourself into teams. Since this isn’t a popular sport in Spain you won’t be able to create many teams. We generally have 2 teams of 5 players each. You need to have an even number of players, though. But if you have an extra, you can make him the umpire. A referee isn’t really needed but you need to make everyone feel important right? I generally use this Pilipino kid as the Umpire. He is the son of my servant.

Now coming to the points scoring system. There is two ways how you can do this. If you have an umpire you can make him count the no. of darts that hit a person. If a person is hit by a dart 5 times, then he is eliminated of the game. If you however don’t have an umpire you can keep the simple rule of “elimination by hit”, which means as soon as a player is hit by a dart, he or she must be eliminated.

The team which survives is declared as the winner.

You can also have a player of the match, the person who has eliminated the most players of the opposite team is declared the player of the match.

If someone has a jacket, then that person needs to be hit by a dart on the face to be eliminated.

That’s the basic rules a Nerf Battle Should have. You can keep as many rules as you want according to your preference, this sport is flexible.


You would be needing some things which will help you make the battles a lot interesting. First up you can restrict the circumference of the play field. Next you can place inflated balloons all over the play field. They can be used to take cover.

Nerf jackets come in handy in battles as you can not only carry a lot of ammo but it is also difficult to eliminate you.

It is advised you get some Nerf accessories like a tactical rail and a scope. This increases your chances of hitting an opposing player with a dart.

You can also keep a timer and restrict the time in which a person can stay behind the cover.

Nerf Battle Alternatives

If a full-fledged Nerf battle seems ominous, you can try some alternatives.

The Range Competition

You can challenge your friends in a range competition where you can have a battle between who can fire the dart the farthest. In such cases, a motorized gun might come in handy. Also if you study projectile motion, you will know that you need to fire the dart at an angle of 45 degree, to get the maximum range.

Hit the target

You can also have a simple dart board and fire foam darts at it from a distance. This is an interesting game which can test your precision skills.

So this is everything you need to know about Nerf battles. If you have any queries you can drop a comment below.


I just found out that Mods are illegal

Hello readers, so I planned to post an article about how you can modify your Nerf gun. But I have got some bad news. I recently try to modify my Maverick and it backfired, I messed up the trigger action. Now since this gun was in my warranty period, I thought I would ask the manufactures for a replacement.

After a lot of trouble I finally got someone who would address my problem, since support is available for customers in USA only. When I told him about my problem, he dropped a bombshell. I don’t know why do Americans like bombing people so much? Anyway, he told me that if you try to modify your gun in any manner whatsoever, the warranty of the gun becomes void. So technically, if you apply any mod, you are doing something illegal. If you are living in America, this can cause some serious trouble.

So I found out that you can modify your gun, but before this I have modified many Nerf guns and the primary reason was to increase the range of the darts.

One time, I managed to increase the range by 25 feet. The manufactures have to maintain a lot of safety standards in their guns, and that reduces the range.

So even after knowing that you cannot legally modify a gun, if any of my reader is bad boy and would still want to do it, mention that in the comment and I will fire up a video teaching How to modify a Nerf Gun.


Best Nerf Gun For Sniping

When the word sniper reaches your ear a different kind of imagination than that of open combat strikes our thinking. This imagination is somewhat a description for a movie as our imagination tries to resemble someone you have seen snipe maybe in movies or wherever. Sniper nerf blasters are nerf guns which constitute of everything that constructs the body of a real warfare sniper like the stock, the scope the magazine and the body. When the term ‘sniper’ is talked about we think of the person camouflaging in the natural habitat by wearing headgear, a proper dress which helps in camouflaging with the hiding spot. The sniper usually means the person who is a assassin and at a distance which shoots long range distance. Th main sniper takes position at the least suspecting position where he can comfortably hide at eliminate his target. The sniper hides at the place where the suspicion is the least.

sniping nerf gun

When it comes to nerf guns these guns provide encouraging and a worthwhile combat experience . If you are a sniper you shall keep changing your position with respect to the target. When you inhale deep and keep your breath steady to shoot at a formal velocity. The sniper darts are streamlined and thus the darts reach the distance of 75 feet. in one shot. These sniper guns come with a detachable pistol to detach and attack when in close combat.You can aim the define accuracy with the scope. If you are shooting a gun in area of high wind speeds from The winds speed defines accuracy and speed of one dart fired from a proper position. The wind determines the ability too take a short. For the scope and shot at target should be set a little bit above from the target to hither target at a desired region which may be causing confusion in the normal way to shoot people at the desired region of the target. It is very easy to overcome the art of sniping. Most nerf guns come with 2 in one blasters. The best nerf gun for sniping at adults is the Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6, blasters is about 3 feet long. The quick reload constitutes of 12 streamlined darts which sometimes get stuck in the reloading magazine gap for the blaster to reload the blaster. The Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6 has a bi pod with the gun which acts as an stand for the gun the be supported when in lie down position. The gun makes you feel like a pro sniper already and when you have owned total control over your equipment you may easily win every war. By showing off your new skills with this gun you will be able recruit more of your friends to your group or crew. This gun is best for when you at a higher spot than that of your target this increases the speed and makes the streamlined darts hit harder which is very necessary and helpful to defeat your enemy or make him surrender.

How to find the best electric smoker?

Electric smokers are a must for any barbeque lover and they just make the meat so much more faster and tastier. Cooking the meat on fire and on other heat sources causes quite a bit of taste to be lost during the process. What electric smokers do is use the heat generated from burning the puck/bisquette to smoke the meat.

This does not cause the meat to be tasteless nor does it release any harmful substances into the atmosphere which promote global warming. These are powered by electricity and cook the meat much better and faster than any other possible source of smoking out there.

best electric smoker

So if you are looking for the best electric smoker out there, you will find this article very useful. We will go over all the functions and parts of an electric smoker, including the pros and cons.

First off,

Time- Electric smokers can go upto a controlled 320 Deg F and have the temperature maintained at that. The meat depending upon the amount may take anywhere from 6-8 hours and the smokers are compatible for this.

Pucks- Pucks, also known as bisquettes are wooden and circular things which act as burning material for the smokers. They come in all kinds of flavours which leaves the certain taste on the meat and they are to be bought separately. These pucks are automatically inserted into the electric smoker and generate smoke. They last anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes and once they are done, they are removed using a special feature on these smokers. The should have a good number of pucks and sustainability to the temperature.

Racks- The racks in an electric smokers are essentially the place place where the meat is kept and these come in all different sizes and shapes depending on the smoker quality, I personally suggest the bradley smokers. The bradley smokers have removable racks and are easy to clean. Also, looking from a personal perspective, big size of meat can also be adjusted into the smoker buy removing the racks.

Appearance- The appearance or looks of an electric smoker do not matter that much but they do. So a stainless steel finish is much better than any other and that is just what the bradley smokers are made of. These have a high quality finish on the outside and a high performing high quality system inside them which makes cooking both food and meat so much more easier.

Last but not least, we discuss the price, while looking at an electric smoker, price is the last thing one should consider as the no. of racks, pucks and temperature control should be looked at first. But if you are on a limited budget, I would suggest you to buy the bradley smokers which are very compatible, digital, user friendly and most of all in your budget. These come in 3 versions the bradley smoker original which is not so digital, followed by a 4 rack version which as you may have guessed has 4 racks and finally the 6 rack version which is perfect for parties and has 6 racks.

Best Nerf Guns you can buy Spain?

What’s up Spain, this is your boy, Alejandro with another article on Nerf Guns. Last time around I just drew your attention about a fascinating toy, called the Nerf Gun. Well today, I am going to tell you about the best Nerf Gun you can buy in Spain.

I have taken recommendations from my friend and also from my Cousin Steve. But you don’t get every gun that is launched in Spain. Very few make it to local toys stores. You might have to order them from Amazon UK website, because they will provide the lowest shipping. I don’t really stress about the price, because my father is super rich, but I know most of you are not that rich, so I will take price into account. Sorry if I come across as a little egoistic, but I am a spoiled brat, so you would have to bear with me.

Top 5 Recommendations

  1. Nerf N-Strike Strongarm – This is a pistol like Nerf gun, which comes at around 8 euros. It is also the bestseller in America and it has got many things which you would like. First up it can fire 6 darts at a time. It has a cylindrical barrel which is used to store the darts. I was quite impressed with the speed at which the barrel rolls. There is zero lag while firing shots. As soon as you fire a dart the barrel rotates and the next dart is lined up. It has an impressive dart range of 70 feet. If you are going to buy your first Nerf gun, this should be it.
  2. Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS – This is the most customizable Nerf gun you can buy in Spain. It resembles a rifle but you can use it as a sniper rifle thanks to the scope. It is a motorized gun which runs on AA batteries. This gives the darts the ability to reach the distance of 90 feet. But all this has a price. You can get this gun at a price of 35 euro.
  3. Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury – This is one of the coolest looking Nerf gun out there. Just like the Strongarm it has cylindrical blaster, but it has 2 of them, and they can be flipped. The features are same as my top recommendation, but due to two barrels you can now hold 12 darts at a time. The flip features has to be my favourite about this gun. This gun will cost you around 15 euros.
  4. Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow – We read a lot of mythological stories in Spain, about famous battles. And this gun is one which will appeal to such audience. It is designed in the form of a crossbow. It looks really cool. It doesn’t add any feature to the gun, but it is I guessed used only to appeal to young children. If you like combat stories, you should get this one.
  5. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage – Another rifle styled Nerf gun, the rampage is one of the most powerful gun you can find in the market. It can store 25 darts in its drum and can shoot up to 70 feet. The most impressive feature is the slam fire which allows you to fire darts very fast. It is expensive however and will cost you around 40 euros.

So these are my top recommendations and I hope you found it beneficial. If you want more information about a particular gun, kindly comment, and I will post a full review of the same.


The Finest Spanish School Kid Blog


Hi everyone, this is Alejandro from Barcelona, Spain. I am 15 years old and dream to study oceanography one day. I decided to start a blog in English, and will share various aspects of my life. I decided to update the blog in English, because I have been learning this for 3-4 years now, and want to make sure that I am completely conversant in that.

About this website, IDL was my first school, and that is the reason why I bought this website. So enough of chattering, let’s start with what led to me starting this blog.

It was back in April this month, where my cousin, Steve visited me from North Dakota. He is into lot of technical stuff and can code in Python and he is just 13 years old. He also brought one of his favourite toy (yes even 14 year olds can play with toys). And that was a Nerf Gun. Now I have played with many robots and motorized Remote controlled cars in my life, but nothing captured my imagination like a Nerf Gun.

What on Earth is a Nerf Gun?

I know most of my reader base will be young, Jesus loving, Spanish kids, and here in Spain Nerf guns are not that famous. Well, don’t worry, Alejandro has your back. Nerf Guns are essentially plastic toys, which resemble a gun. They are different kinds of guns which resemble a pistol, or a full sized rifle. They fire darts, which are generally made up of foam. So yes, Nerf guns, is America’s way of showing their children what’s it like to fire guns. Ever wonder why America has a gun control problem, this is the reason. But jokes aside, you really enjoying playing with Nerf guns. These short colourful toys have surely managed to capture the attention of kids in my neighbourhood. We organize Nerf battles (Don’t worry I will tell you about that later) from time to time. I don’t like to boast by I might be the reason why these guns have started showing up in some toy shops in the mall.

So in future I will share tons of stuff regarding Nerf guns from a Spanish point of you. You need to know a lot about that. For example, which gun should you buy what are the features of Nerf gun, which you must look for, what are the latest mods that you can add to your guns? There are tons of accessories that come these days with Nerf guns. I didn’t use that before but one of my friend Carlos, showed me a Nerf Jacket and it literally (Eh, sorry figuratively) blew my mind.

So bookmark my blog and you are going to find some amazing tips and everything you need to know about Nerf Guns and their accessories on my blog. Let’s start this journey. And yes, by the way, I am open to critique, so if you have anything to say or ask, feel free to drop a comment. But don’t be that offensive as I am just a small kid with heart of a lion.